The leading swimming pools in Europe

¡New! Our luxury pools

The leading swimming pools in Europe

¡New! Our luxury pools

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The quality and design of our pools, the excellence of the service and the constant search for innovation over more than 25 years have made MON de PRA Group a benchmark in Europe for monoblock polyester swimming pools.

  • The quality and design of our prefabricated pools

    Inground pools

    The quality and design of our prefabricated pools, the excellence in service and the constant search for innovation over more than 25 years have made the MON de PRA Group the European leader in monoblock pools.

    Mon de Pra prefabricated pools

    With more than 25 years’ experience in manufacturing swimming pools, Mon de Pra produces the best prefabricated pools on the market. We know that the quality of materials is paramount and that’s why we manufacture extremely resilient monoblock polyester structures (produced in one piece), to prevent possible water leaks in the future. We use high-quality products such as polyester resins combined with glass fibres to achieve better resistance to external agents and water treatment products.

    The recessed prefabricated pool of your dreams has to be completely resilient and top quality. It must also be highly practical and meet all your expectations. It must raise the value of your garden and be very easy for the whole family to access. Check out our guide to find out the type of pool that’s perfect for you.

    Swimming pool models

    Rectangular pools: A rectangular prefabricated pool with elegant minimalist shapes. Its completely flat bottom will give you a very pleasant surface for swimming or enjoying games with the whole family.

    Small pools: They’re ideal for small gardens. Lack of space in your garden is no longer a reason to do without a pool. Mon de Pra offers models that are compact, narrow and long, to maximise space.

    Pools with beaches: They’re perfect because they combine two depths: that of the vessel and that of the beach. The depth of the vessel is the same as for the flat bottom pool (1.50 m). The submerged beach sets it apart due to its smooth, gradual slope to the pool. The beach is ideal for stretching out and enjoying the sun, or for small children to play on with total peace of mind.

    Pools for swimming: They let you swim without leaving your home. Mon de Pra introduced the first prefabricated pools in the form of a swimming lane. You can add the counter-current swimming system that reinforces training efficiency.

    Pools with covers: It isn’t always easy to combine the pool and cover to make them look pleasing and be practical at the same time. The Cover range allows you to integrate the blind into the pool so that you can cover it in minutes.

    Swimming pool prices

    Pool prices can vary greatly depending on several factors. The area, model, finishes, etc. can make your prefabricated pool cheaper or more expensive.

    If you’d like an estimate, just use the form to send us your contact details and the model you’re interested in. A distributor will contact you to tell you the price of your installed prefabricated pool.

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Thanks to our network of official distributors we can serve practically the whole of western Europe: Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Holland, the United Kingdom and Italy, as well as the islands of the Indian Ocean.