MdP Wide Pools

Wide pool available in 3 sizes

Wide pools

With a more classic design thanks to its vertical walls and smaller angles MdP Wide is the pool with the widest bench, providing a perfect space to relax. Its non-slip ladder allows access to the pool in complete safety.

Wide steps

The non-slip steps along the whole width allow safe, easy access to the pool and also to a relaxation area.


Second step of 60 cm is intended to use as a relaxation bench.

Flat bottom at 1.50m

Possibility of walking around the whole pool.

Wide 65

Lenght: 6,50 m

Width: 3,70 m

Depth: 1,50 m

Wide 75*

Lenght: 7,50 m

Width: 3,90 m

Depth: 1,50 m

Wide 85*

Lenght: 8,50 m

Width: 4,10 m

Depth: 1,50 m




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