Pools MdP Elliptic

Curved pool available with flat and inclined bottom

Natural harmony

The design of the MdP Elliptic pools using natural, round shapes brings a visual elegance and softness to the space at the same time as allowing them to adapt to all types of terrain. They come with a flat or sloped bottom.

Access steps

Non-slip, harmonious steps for easy access.

Wide relaxation bench

Ample bench for the whole family with the option of hydromassage jets.

Access steps to bench

Small set of steps to access the relaxation area more easily.

Elliptic 670

Length: 6,40 m

Width: 3,40 m

Depth: 1,25 – 1,65 m

Elliptic 825

Length: 8,00 m

Width: 3,85 m

Depth: 1,50 m

Elliptic 965

Length: 9,60 m

Width: 3,95 m

Depth: 1,50 m




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