Pools MdP Cover

Swimming pools withflat, inclinated bottom and cover

Swimming pools with cover

Pools with covers are perfect because the cover is built into the pool. The pool is covered
automatically and protected from changes in the weather, while providing safety for children.

Safe pools for children

Pools with automatic covers make them safer for children. The manufacturing characteristics of the floating sheets offer great resistance and buoyancy against knocks and falls.

Extend your bathing time

The pool covers let you raise and maintain the water temperature. If you keep your pool covered, you can extend your bathing days a little longer. Enjoy more time in your pool.

The most elegant covered pools

It’s important to have a good cover for your pool, but if it’s built into the pool itself and only seen when it’s covered, it’s certainly much smarter than a piece of canvas or an external roll.

Cover 700

Length: 7,65 m

Width: 3,30 m

Depth: 1,50 m

Cover 750

Length: 8,25 m

Width: 3,50 m

Depth: 1,05 – 1,70 m

Cover 800

Length: 8,75 m

Width: 3,50 m

Depth: 1,50 m

Cover 950

Length: 9,90 m

Width: 4,00 m

Depth: 1,60 m

Cover 975

Length: 10,00 m

Width: 4,00 m

Depth: 1,07 – 1,85 m

Cover Unique 7

Length: 8,10 m

Width: 3,60 m

Depth: 1,50 m

Cover Unique 8

Length: 9,00 m

Width: 3,80 m

Depth: 1,50 m

Cover Unique 9

Length: 10,00 m

Width: 4,00 m

Depth: 1,50 m

Cover Wide 75

Length: 8,50 m

Width: 3,90 m

Depth: 1,50 m

Cover Wide 85

Length: 9,50 m

Width: 4,10 m

Depth: 1,50 m




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