Pools Mon de Spa

Pool with flat bottom and SPA

A new world of enjoyment

Mon de Spa is a revolutionary concept of pool that incorporates a one piece spa area into the swimming area with a top-of-the-range hydromassage system for total relaxation.

Integrated one piece spa

A top-of-the-range hydromassage system perfectly integrated into the pool to provide complete relaxation.

Option of methacrylate protective panel

For optimum hydromassage performance there’s the option of a transparent methacrylate protective panel to separate the spa from the pool.

Flat Bottom at 1.50m

Possibility of walking around the whole pool.

Mon de Spa 1

Length: 5,05 m

Width: 3,25 m

Depth: 1,43 m

Mon de Spa 2

Length: 5,05 m

Width: 3,25 m

Depth: 1,43 m




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