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8 Simple steps for installing polyester pools

1 – Excavation of the ground
The first step in installing a pre-fab pool is deciding where to place the pool.

There are factors to take into account such as stair access, sun, slope, terrain, etc.

Once the location is defined, the ground will be excavated and the pool will then be inserted.

2 – Land conditioning
Once the excavation has been completed, it will be necessary to level the ground with small gravel and level it so that the pool rests on the bottom correctly.

3 – Placement of the pool
The carrier will arrive with your new Mon de Pra pool and unload it with the crane to put it in the hole (as long as access allows it) that the operators have previously excavated and leveled.

4 – Leveling the installed pool
Once the fiber pool has been installed, the level of the 4 corners should be checked.

In the event that it is not correct, it will be adjusted until the pool is level.

5 – Filling the perimeter
All the excess hole between the pool and the excavation is filled. This process will be carried out using gravel, in order to avoid possible movements and displacements.

6 – Peripheral facilities
After these steps in the installation of polyester pools, it will be necessary to place all the pipes, skimmers, filter elements, etc.

As the gravel filling is done, everything will be installed and connected, including the water pump house and leaks.

7 – Concrete band
To ensure the correct installation of the pool, a concrete band must be made to seat the pool in it.

8 – Laying the coronation stone
To finish the pre-fab pool installation process, custom-made capping stones are typically placed for each polyester pool model.

However, there are clients who opt for the installation of wooden floors or a complete terrace.

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Installing a fiberglass pool is the easiest when compared with other types of pools.

Once the manufacture of the pool is finished, in just a few days you will have your pool ready to bathe and enjoy the good time with family and friends. No headaches!


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