Enjoy your new pool now

Thanks to our fast installation system

MDP System synthesises all the Mon de Pra technical and service aspects to guarantee quick and easy installation of possibly the best monoblock pool in the market.


Always one piece

All models in one piece made of polyester, with no joints or unions, thus creating a structure that is completely resistant to the movements and alterations of the ground.

High quality materials

The best polyester resins on the market (used in the aerospace, nautical and wind power industries) reinforced with fibreglass guarantee maximum resistance to chemical agents.


The whole lamination and reinforcing process of the unit is performed manually to achieve the maximum mechanical resistance of the pool.

Exclusive anti-leak nozzle system.

We are pioneers in the use of our own maximum resistance nozzle system. In the unlikely event of a leak, these can be changed from the interior without the need for external work.

The widest range of colours on the market.

We offer an extensive range of 8 different colours which allow maximum personalisation and the best matching of the pool with its surroundings.

Maximum personalisation of finishes.

We personalise the finishes with the positioning of projectors and cleaning nozzles wherever you choose.

All accessories.

We offer a comprehensive service with all the accessories (currents, hydromassage jets, projectors, filtration material, safety and heating systems, etc.) and types of crowning.

Quick transportation and installation.

Thanks to our own transportation system with special trailers we guarantee punctuality of delivery to allow quick assembly of the pool.

10 Years guarantee.

For complete peace of mind and confidence we offer a 10 year guarantee.