Pools MdP New Roman

Classical pool with flat bottom

Classic beauty

Innovative design of the MdP New Roman pools with rounded shapes is the updated version of the classic pool with Roman steps which is aesthetically-pleasing as well as being functional and safe.

Access steps

Non-slip steps for easy access.

Side access steps

Steps along the whole length to facilitate entry to and exit from the pool.

Double relaxation point

Rounded corners for one person to relax without blocking the steps.

Flat Bottom at 1.50m

Possibility of walking around the whole pool.

Roman 8

Length: 8,00 m

Width: 3,80 m

Depth: 1,50 m

Roman 9

Length: 9,00 m

Widtha: 4,10 m

Depth: 1,50 m

Roman 8 Plus

Length: 9,25 m

Width: 3,80 m

Depth: 1,50 m

Roman 9 Plus

Length: 10,25 m

Width: 4,10 m

Depth: 1,50 m




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