Pool MdP Deep

Pool with inclined bottom and access steps

Deep immersion

The rectangular design and wide access steps of the MdP Deep pools offer the maximum swimming area. Their sloped, deep bottom allows you to enjoy jumping and diving in complete safety.

Wide steps

The non-slip steps along the whole width allow safe, easy access to the pool and also to a relaxation area.

Sloped bottom

It offers two areas with very different depths for all swimmers to enjoy the pool.

Deep 755

Length: 7,30 m

Width: 3,50 m

Depth: 1,07 – 1,70 m

Deep 775

Length: 7,25 m

Width: 3,46 m

Depth: 1,07 – 1,68 m

Deep 875

Length: 8,50 m

Width: 3,80 m

Depth: 1,08 – 1,80 m

Deep 975

Length: 9,00 m

Width: 4,00 m

Depth: 1,02 – 1,82 m




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