With 18,000 visitors from 90 countries, Mon de Pra stood out at the World Spa and Swimming Pool Exhibition, held from 18 to 21 November, with its 10, 12 and 14 metre-long LANE models in MONOBLOC, unique in Europe. During its participation at the Exhibition, Mon de Pra also consolidated the current models to its distributors and won over 80 new contracts.

The 2.30 metre width of the LANE models enables them to be transported using shipping containers. For Piscines Mon de Pra, the acceptance of these new models has represented a market opening in countries like Israel, Greece, India and Saudi Arabia Arabia, among others.
The measurements of the SMART LANE model (4.75 x 2.10 x 1.50 metres) meant that the pool obtained a good reception, as they permit it to be installed without a work permit under French legislation.
Named the “Vedette Du Salon” (Star of the Exhibition) by the specialist press, the UNIQUE 6 swimming pool was a great attraction among the visitors to the Exhibition. Painted in the colours of the French flag, many visitors photographed this pool which represented a tribute to the 10 years since the opening of the Mon de Pra France factory.
Its almost 25-year history as a European manufacturer has given Mon de Pra an unbeatable positioning in the market, reinforced with its participation in the World Swimming Pool Exhibition. Its monoblock polyester policy makes Mon de Pra stand out from the competition and has converted it into a benchmark in Europe.